More Outdoor Portraits

My Boys……

Family Portraits, Final Take

After the family felt they could relax with me amidst their intimate nuclear setting we chose the outdoor location, made adjustments to our lighting, and began the shoot.

Family Portraits

During a weekend outing I was asked to photograph this family. I asked them to wait until later in the afternoon so that I could spend some time playing with their little girl, allowing her to warm-up and trust me. Here are two sets of photos from the afternoon, outdoor shoot.

This first set of photos are test shots, providing the family the opportunity to acclimate with the camera and the setting.

Outdoor Portrait, Lesson 2

In the following series of photos, taken at Muzeul Satului, our photography class received permission from the girl’s father to take photos and post them on our blogs for the purpose of presenting the overall lesson to a broader audience.  In the subsequent five photos posted I tried to capture the successive physical and emotional transformation of the child, clearly expressed through her body language and facial expressions. What began as a slightly apprehensive child towards the photo shoot, concluded in the child’s natural state of comfort expressed with a very sincere and jovial smile. Through very open dialogue and by establishing a true connection with the child, professor Atila was able to create a trusting atmosphere for the child that is clearly reflected in the succession of photographs. Conclusion from the group, communication and establishing a connection with the portrait subject is the most important element to successful portrait photography.   

Dedolight – Portraits

Last week, 4K Broadcasting Solutions, hosted my photo class to introduce us to the wondeful world of continuous indoor lighting solutions. We were able to play with Dedolight, Kino Flo and Rosco lights with the guidance of our professor Mr. Dinu Lazar.