Nouveau Beaujolais

Last of the Outdoor Portrait Series

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Outdoor Portraits

Come Out and Play

Winter in Bucharest

Saturday in the City

On a typical Saturday we start with our fruit and veggie market…

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Saturday in the City

We move to a street fair on Arthur Verona:

Saturday in the City

And it ends in the park……

Our Big Day Out

The 12th edition of Our Big Day Out – Children’s Day.

I had the unique privilege to photograph an entirely volunteer initiative that aims to provide a bit of tender love and care to orphans and institutionalized children, often forgotten by Romanian society, on Saturday, June 5th. Our Big Day Out (OBDO) is a social activity initiated by Sister in 2005.

People from a variety of fields get together to spend a full day with orphans and institutionalized children, providing them with much appreciated gifts while spending a part of the day playing while imparting much needed attention. The group heads out caravan-style and visit institutions or shelters, and spend time with those that seem to have been left aside. This year they put together 600 presents.

I want to thank everyone there for truly inspiring me and hopefully others.

Your hearts are in the right place!