Paul-Andre Baran

Born in Los Angeles to a Polish mother and Romanian father, I came to Romania as an intern in the winter of 1998. My initial six-month internship has resulted in marriage to a fabulous Romanian woman and becoming a father to my boys Miles and Louis. Currently, through IREX, I manage the Bill & Melida Gates funded Biblionet program aimed at providing Romanians with free public access internet through their public libraries as well as inspiring widespread institutional reform in the public library sphere. I have consulted on various US and European funded public administration reform programs and written for Vivid magazine. Soon after my arrival, I fell in love with Romania’s potential and with my professional pursuits. These pursuits have brought me to observe corrupt and unfair elections in Azerbaijan as well as attempting to provide conflict resolution skills to Serbians and ethnic Albanians in Kosovo soon after the war. I enjoy photography, exchanging food recipes while sharing a bottle of fine red wine, and in my spare time traveling with family.

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    • paulandrebaran says:

      Hello Raluca,

      Sure, et’slink exchange! Tell me where you want me to post and I would be happy to do so.



  2. Hi Paul. Could you kindly provide an email address as i need some help with a digitization project (3000 or so glass plate negatives). Thank you for your time, cezar.popescu@gmail.com

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